Q1. What are the lenses made of?

A1: We use light weight CR39 and polycarbonate plastic lenses. Our standard lens is single vision1.50 index. We also offer 'thinner' (1.56) , 'super thin' (1.61), 'Ultra-thin (1.67) and 'Extreme thin' 1.74 lens upgrades as well as Polycharbonate (PC) 1.59 index lenses. We especially recommend these upgrade if your sphere is +/-2.00 and above.

Q2. Do you sell prescription sunglasses and other tinted lenses?

A2: We have a large variety of colored tints for lenses and our prescription sunglasses come with a dark tint – like any pair of standard sunglasses. We also offer transition lenses, which are clear in everyday normally lit conditions but the tint turns dark in stronger sunlight. Transitions also have a 100% UV filter. All of these options are available on our order form.

Q3. Do you sell lens coatings and tints?

A3: We offer a variety of lens coatings and tints: Color tints: Gray, Green, Brown, blue, purple, pink Anti-reflective coating: excellent for driving and when you use the computer. UV 400 protective coating: sun-screen for the eyes. Premium Water Repellent Coating:  prevent water drops for sticking to the surface and spreading.

Q4. Do you sell bifocal lenses?

A4: Bifocals are available on a wide variety of our frames. We only suggest bifocals to customers who have had them recommended by their optician. Click here for our bifocal lenses.

Q5. Do you sell freeform/progressive lenses?

A5: A: Yes we do! click here for our freeform / Progressive lenses collection

Q6. How do you divide the distance and reading portion on Bifocal Freeform or Progressive lenses?

A6: Normally, the division is 60% of the lens height for distance and 40% of the lens height for reading. But of course, you are very much welcome to inform us your preference in division. Please include a note on the order form or contact us as soon as you place your order, we will make sure to note it on our end.

Q7. Do you have extra processing fee?

A6: We'd like to tell you that the extra " $8.95 processing fee" will appear when your PD is too small for the frame or your prescription is beyond the corrective capacity of 1.50 standard single vision lenses. In both cases, additional special Lab work is required to process your lenses. So we will have to charge extra processing fee for it.