Q1. What do the three frame measurements mean?

A1: The frame measurements on each product’s page are listed as three numbers. The first number refers to the width of one lens in millimeters, the second number to the width of the nose bridge in millimeters, and the third to the length of the temple arms in millimeters. Most glasses (including all glassesshop frames) have these numbers printed on the inside of the temple arm.

Q2. How can I choose the right frame?

A2: First, use the Virtual Try-On to test which frame shape works best for you. Then, compare your current glasses' measurements to the frames' measurements on our website. This should give you a good sense. Usually you'll find a series of numbers on the inside of the frame, something similar to 50.18.140, for example. Those numbers represent, respectively, lens width, bridge width and temple arm length

Q3. How can I choose a frame if I have a high prescription?

A3: Generally, we recommend full rim frames in small sizes for high prescription, the smaller the better. We recommend plastic or acetate for high prescriptions. We do not recommend metal rimless frame because the slot of the metal frame is narrow and the lens cannot be embedded tightly. Even it is embedded; you will feel heaviness in the front of the glasses.

Q4. What types of frames do you sell?

A4: We offer a variety of Plastic, Acetate, Metal, Titanium, TR-90, Ultem, Silica-Gel and Stainless Steel. All of our frames are hypoallergenic and come complete with complimentary case and cleaning cloth. For a complete list please click on our online catalog.

Q5. I don't have a prescription; I would just like the frames. Can I get non-prescription lenses fit into the frames?

A5: Absolutely, on the lens page, please click on the 'Fashion' for lens type and we will send you the frames with non prescription lenses.

Q6. Do you offer children's frame?

A6: Yes. Please check this link https://www.glassesshop.com/kids-eyeglasses.

Q7. Are there any limitations for Bifocals or Progressive Freeform lens?

A7: Yes, not all frames are doable with Bifocals or Progressive. The lens height of the frame should be at least 30mm. We want to make it easier for you to identify which frame can or can't be done with Bifocal or Progressive by putting a check or cross mark on the item page. If you need more advice, please don't hesitate to contact our Customer Service Department.

Q8. What if my frames need adjusting after I get them?

A8: Most optical stores will do minor adjustments for a small fee or even for free! If you still have problems after that, give us a call at 800-917-7083 or send us an e-mail.