More and more people wear glasses. Nowadays, people are not only content with correction of visual acuity, but also care for attributes, such like appearance, they begin to pay attention to how to wear glasses to match their dressing. At GlassesShop, you can use our virtual try-on online, this application helps you picking out a more appropriate frame. This application allows you to upload your photo (front photograph of your face is recommended). Then you may modify the size of the frame or position to see the wear effect. Besides you can get several styles and make a comparison to find out a best one.


Because of the limitation of online shopping, you can not tell if the frame fits you or not, GlassesShop provides two approaches to determine if the frame would fit you.
To get an appropriate frame, the most important is for lens width. PD is closely related to lens width, there is a certain proportion between them. If your prescription does not include PD information, do not just write it of your will. You may call your optometrist, or refer to our "Measure PD at Home".
Measure your existing glasses
Each of the frames at GlassesShop has its size, we suggest you measure your glasses so as to see if the size of the frame you chose at GlassesShop is close to yours before you buy. 1 or 2 millimeters is acceptable.

Face collocation

Round shape
We can get a general impression that senses focus, forehead is round and the lower jaw is wide. Round face makes us mild and warm. Because of the short face shape, long and thin frames are recommended, in addition, the line of face is mellow and full, square shaped frames can adjust the whole display on the face. Due to the strong cheeks, frames like square shaped or any other which has a sharp out line will not make your face looked even rounder.
Summary: frames with sharp out line, thin and long frame type but with rough rim and temple, wide and inclined frame type also makes your face looked long.
Color: Cool dark color, such as black. Blue, dark brown, those colors can string your face on visual effect. Inappropriate: Round or oval shaped without edges, any bright color like yellow or red, sunglasses with thin rims and temples; in these cases you will look more bulky on face.


Rectangle shape
The general impression on this kind of face is long narrow and thin which has high forehead, lower jaw, if wearing frames with lower temples (which have a stake in the middle) and dark rim, the length of your will be lessened. These groups who have long face are stylish and balanced, we recommend frames which have thick rims. Those frames stress the eyewear accessory to divert their attentions from the length of your face, for people who have rectangle shaped faces, even with weak chin, a square shaped frame (plastic) can adjust the visual effect over all. Summary: Wide frame can cover the lower part of your face, thick rims have a cutting action on face, dark temples break the straight line feeling. Hence, oval or arc-shaped frames in wide with thick temples are recommended. Color: Dark and bright colors are both nice, such as pink, purplish red. Weak color increases the brightness of your face. Inappropriate: frames with wide temples


Square shape
These groups have short faces, wide cheeks with sharp edges; the side is clear which makes an impression with upright, foursquare, strong and stubborn. In order to soft the outline, round shaped frames are the first choice because these frames can ease the wide feeling. Owing to the sharp edges, oval shaped frames can make adjust. Try to choose a frame which is wider than your face in case that it sticks to your senses.                    Summary: Round type or rounded square type without edges, oval type can soft the outline, and adjust the whole visual effect. Tonal and lively metal frame is also able to get rid of this crudity feeling. Color: Brown, Tan Inappropriate: small and narrow frames


Oval shape
This group has wide cheeks but with narrow chin, oval frames sets off the sense of beauty of this group.
Recommendation: rimless frames or frames with thin metal rims, oval type.
Color: Light color; relax the weight of upper part, increasing the feeling of exaggeration


Narrow face with wide jaw
Recommendation: pointing triangle conversely
Color: blue, purple, coffee would make an unexpected effect


Quite short face
These groups may choose transparent grounding frames (or combined typed frames with high stake), this type can lengthen your face. If one has a wide face with square jaw, choose transparent square frames will also lengthen your face,in this case you will look balanced. Half rimless or rimless frames are preferred.